Nancy’s story

August 14, 2023

My former mother-in-law and current good friend wrote the following.

My grief began as I sat in the hospital and Chuck told me he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he would probably have 3 to 6 months to live. I went home and cried until I decided I needed to share my grief with others. I think you may have been one of the first people I called.  I then called my good friends who lived next door and they came and prayed with me.  In the next couple weeks we had meetings with our lawyer and financial advisor. I talked often to family and friends and shared with my Bible study groups. Talking to anyone I knew who would be willing to listen. After six months Chuck started a chemo that fought the cancer for another three years. At the time Chuck knew the chemo wasn’t helping he made sure we were settled in our Minnesota home where I would have family to help me. His one request was that he would die at home and we were able to do that with the help of Hospice and our pastor who visited often. I believe both Chuck and I were prepared when he went to sleep and awoke in heaven. I still miss him but thank God every day that we were given three years while Chuck continued a full life doing all the things he loved.