“A Must Share”- from my client

August 14, 2023

So … right after leaving you I went to Walgreens to pick up my brother’s latest prescription and there was one woman in line waiting behind a man already at the counter.  She was facing backwards to the counter talking to an old gentleman who was seated.  When I walked up, the man at the counter left and she stopped talking to the older gentleman and I turned around to move up to the counter. 

I asked the older gentleman if he was in line (just seated as he waited).  He replied “No, go right ahead.  I’m just waiting.”

So I stepped up and then he said, “Hey, since you’re just standing there, hold out your hand.”  I figured he was “safe” as he and the woman had seemed to be having a nice conversation so I did so, and then he slipped this bracelet onto my wrist.  The bracelet read “GOD’S GOT THIS.”  It kind of caught me by surprise with everything we had just discussed in our session and my feelings in my car just even getting to my appointment with you this morning – about how I couldn’t have made it through this week without my faith that I wasn’t alone!

I thanked him and told him that this was just what was needed this week.  He smiled and then said “Here – I’m giving you this too” – and then he gave me the accompanying card.  See picture attached.

Just a nice affirmation of faith and that we’re never really alone if we just remember to keep Him near and in our hearts!